Monday, February 4, 2019

Curing the Post-graduation Blues

In the winter of 2012, I packed up my stuff and I went up North to complete my education.  It was cold and dark, and at times I felt like I lived on "the edge of the earth."  Flying squirrels, cackling crows, hoots in the night, extreme cold, thick ice, and the cloudy, starless sky- the good and the bad of Northern life- they all seem so far away now.

Graduation from grad school was a wonderful time- full of hopes and dreams and joy.  With a 4.00 semester GPA,  a 4.00 overall GPA,  and golden recommendations, I knew I was on my way.  But then came the walkers, and the creams, and the oral medications, and the circular bandages, and the doctors, and the foot pads, and the infections, and the physical therapy, and the pain.  For over two years, my life was not my own.  And all my hopes and dreams melted away for the umpteenth time.

Enter the rabbits.  I started work on a volunteer basis for two rabbit rescues- each one over 1,200 miles away. Each job offered different opportunities.    Physical exercise strengthens my body.  Advocacy work strengthens my soul.  And now, weeks later, I look around and almost all the voids are gone.  How did that happen?  When did that happen?

Rabbit rescue work, fills me with feeling.  It is immensely rewarding.  It is humbling.  It is interesting.  It is joyful, and sometimes sad.  It is fantastic.  It is awesome. And, it is one of the greatest, truest things I've ever done in my life!

If things in your life aren't quite right and you find yourself searching for something, consider volunteering to help those in need- humans or animals.  Don't let distance stop you.  The phone and the Internet are wonderful implements that can get you where you need to go.  It's just a matter of connecting with flexible agencies and organizations.  And maybe one day, you too will look around, and will surprisingly find, your voids have been filled, your spirit has been nourished, and your soul has been strengthened!