Friday, November 23, 2018

For the Benefit of Twizzle and Misty or Juno and Bitsy

From the time I decided I would someday have rabbits, I've imagined what that would be like.  Of course, I wanted 2 lops.  Lops are very cute rabbits with long, floppy ears that remind me of basset hounds...That's like getting four creatures for the adoption fee of two. :-)

Of course, rabbits aren't dogs.  They have different needs.  They view the world in a different fashion.  Once I accepted that fact, I began to think of the different things I would do to raise the quality of life for the rabbits that will be entering mine.  Of course, those actions would be very different from things I would do to make a dog happy.  It's important to me that I meet these rabbits on their terms- through interaction, via play, and in all other aspects of their lives.

Over time, my preferences have changed.  And now, thoughts of connecting with 2 medium brown lops have given way in my mind to interactions with 1 black rabbit and 1 ruby-eyed white, two types of rabbits that tend to be ignored by those who seek to adopt.

My heart is ready to provide a home, but my legs and my wallet are not.  My legs have to get stronger, so that I can get on the floor with the rabbits.  After all, they are prey animals, so the floor is their place of preference.   My wallet has to get bigger so they can have everything that they need.  So, as I wade through the limitations set by arthritis, lyphedema, and financial constraints, I will fill my longings with info from research that will form a path from my heart, all the way up to them, wherever they may be, whenever that may be!  Learning is a good way to cope with frustration.   Passing that info along to help others?  Even better!

I'm not sure what I'm going to name them when I get them.  A twizzle is a series of traveling, circular steps in ice dancing.  Misty is the nickname of a gal I knew back in upstate New York, many years ago.  I miss her terribly and have been searching for her for years.  Strangely enough, both sound like good rabbit names to me...maybe.  Once I actually get the rabbits, their personalities may turn out to be a huge factor in naming. I'm not sure. But I do know this- I'm ready! I'm focused and I'm make this journey!

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*Note:  If you visit YouTube clips on Lennon the Bunny, please be aware that according to Carlson, Lennon was raised somewhat differently than other bunnies and therefore, she seems to like stuff or tolerate things that other bunnies don't.  Please keep this in mind when viewing Lennon's clips.