Getting Financially Ready for 2 Rabbits

1)  Do lots of research on rabbits and rabbit care by accessing Internet educational sites and connecting with rabbit progress

2)  Obtain rabbit care guides and health books...done, via Kindle (bought) and Kindle Unlimited (borrowed-ongoing)

3)  Find a volunteer job in the domestic rabbit rescue field to increase knowledge and raise spirits...done

4)  Pay off debts and raise credit progress

5)  Figure out what city I want to move to so that I can raise my quality of life.  Make sure the city has an exotic veterinarian (a vet that specializes in exotic animals) or is near an exotic vet. 

6)  Work on improving my health and getting stronger so that I can go back into the progress

7) Update progress

8) Find a salary job in the city (or near the city) I want to live in.

9)  Find a new place to live. Make sure the apt. is larger than the current one I am living in, is environmentally kind, and is rabbit friendly.

10) MOVE!  

11) Save more than enough cash for adoption fees, bowls, bedding, toys, and other supplies-everything the rabbits will progress

12) Apply for a credit card with a $2,000 limit for rabbit health emergencies.

13) Obtain a discount exotic pet healthcare plan card.

14) Apply for exotic pet health insurance.