Rabbits with Special Needs: Info, Resources, & Ways to Help

This page is designed for people who are seeking information about rabbits that have disabilities, rabbits that are elderly, or both. In addition to general info, specific info, connections to resources, and emotional support, sites also provide opportunities to help these precious creatures in various ways. At the bottom of this page is a list of even more ways to help.

***When considering information on techniques or practices that assist rabbits with special needs (massages, colored therapy, special diet, etc.), always check with an exotic vet that specializes in rabbits to make sure what you plan to do will benefit your rabbit and not hurt it.***

. SaveABunny: Special Needs and Sanctuary Rabbits
This page on SaveABunny's site has rabbits that have special needs which you can adopt. It also has rabbits that are living permanently in their sanctuary that you can read about.

. Triangle Rabbits: Rabbits with Special Needs

This web page on the Triangle Rabbits site has articles, stories, and videos on rabbits with special needs. There are also links for "wheelchairs" (carts) for rabbits with mobility issues.

. Special Bunny: Special Needs and Medical Info

To reach this section on the Special Bunny site's homepage, go to the left side of the screen and go all the way down. There is a lot of medical information waiting to be gleaned.

. Cats, Rabbits, and More: Learn
The Learn section of this site has a lot of pages dedicated to rabbits that have special needs. Topics include brief information on non-traditional methods of treatment, such as colored light therapy and massages, specifically for bunnies with disabilities. There is also info on "wheelchairs" (carts), long term care, and more. Links connect you with informative articles and websites. The Learn section also links to Yahoo and Facebook support groups. To reach these groups, click here.

. The Rabbit Haven: The Haven's Special Resources

You can adopt or you can sponsor. The site warns that some of the stories of what the rabbits have been through and some of the pictures are...intense.

. Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue: Rabbit Care Seminars- Elderly & Disabled Rabbits
A playlist of 9 YouTube clips that address arthritis, chronic head tilt, paralysis, and more.

More Ways to Help Rabbits with Special Needs:

. Create a website that informs the public about rabbits that have special needs.

. Start an in-person support group for owners.

. Raise awareness on Facebook.

. Volunteer your time at a shelter or sanctuary that has rabbits with disabilities and elderly rabbits. Ask to be trained so that you can spend time with these darling creatures.

. Donate money to shelters and agencies that take care of rabbits with special needs.

. Visit the websites of agencies helping rabbits with special needs. Find out what items they need. Many agencies have wish lists that inform the public of what type of items they need (ex: towels, food, toys. etc.)