Help with the Bonding Process

Because rabbits love the company of another rabbit, yet are extremely territorial, setting up a pet rabbit with another rabbit can be a difficult and even very dangerous process.  Some rabbit rescue agencies provide lots of info and some even provide bonding services. 

. Rabbit Rescue Inc

Based in Paramount, California, this rescue agency provides information on their website about bonding, which they refer to as "matching making." They also provide matchmaking services.

. The Rabbit Haven

Serving Santa Cruz and nearby counties in California, this rabbit rescue not only provides bonding services, they explain in detail, how they bond the rabbits on their website.

. Special Bunny
Instructional videos are presented toward the bottom of their bonding page, which contains a lot of information.

. House Rabbit Society
Their bonding page contains a lot of information on different aspects of the bonding process, plus a "How to" pamphlet that can be downloaded for free. 

. Speed Dating for Rabbits 
A New York Times article about the experience of people coming to a shelter in East Harlem, New York City to bond their rabbit.