Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Christmas came and went.  Parts of it were very pleasant.  Parts of it were incredibly difficult.  I have not one, but two disabilities, and other physical difficulties.  After eating processed and ready made food for year straight, I decided to fix lasagna...a meal I haven't fixed in about 25 years.  It took 5 hours and those 5 hours were full of stress and struggles.

Earlier in the day when delusions ran abound, and I actually thought that the coming dinner would be easy to fix, I found myself daydreaming...a lot.  I dreamed about Christmases that have passed and about ones to come.  I was pleased to find that I had so many beautiful memories, starting from my childhood and continuing onward through time.  In the future I saw myself with two rabbits on Christmas.  They were not presents.  I had had them for a while. I had brought them lots of gifts.  I was still living with my current roommate (who is sick this Christmas season), and everything was nice.  I was happy.

I know in reality, things may not work out...I know that.  But I think I have a good chance of making this work.  You see, I have a theory.  I think a lot of people are bringing rabbits into their homes without preparing for them, which includes doing research, rabbit proofing the home, reading up on disorders so they can be more likely to notice if something is not right, educating themselves on rabbit behaviors and rabbit communication, and making sure they are financially ready to buy everyday things like food, and financially ready to combat challenges like medical emergencies.  Do most rabbit owners have pet insurance?  I wonder.  I wonder...if everyone took the time to prepare...really prepare for having a rabbit (or any animal they plan to get), would the animal rescues and shelters be almost empty?  Hmmm.